Latest Obsession

Last week's weather totally messed with my head, but as daylight savings is right around the corner I have to believe the warmer weather is too. Unfortunately with the warmer temps we will most likely experience Spring rain, which is why my

latest obsession

 is a fashion staple - the classic trench. 

If you have yet to add one to your wardrobe I highly suggest you do as they are the mature gals rain gear and pair swimmingly with any outfit. Being an item that's good for Spring, Fall and Summer, you really can't feel guilty when purchasing one.

My Spring 2014 trench coat picks are as follows, but in no particular order:


Wander Trench

$128  //  2. P

eacoat Trench

$298  //  3.

Trim Trench Coat

$129  //  4.

All-Weather Hooded Trench

$144  //  5.

Double Breasted Raincoat

$139  //  6.

Zip Detail Trench


- Suzanne