Packing List

This weekend I am heading to the Ottawa Winterlude, a favorite winter tradition from my college years. Ottawa's Winterlude is an annual free celebration that takes place from January to February on their famous Rideau Canal, which becomes the world's largest skating rink in the cold temps. Having gone to school on the New York - Canadian border at St. Lawrence University, I love me some freezing cold temperatures and hockey lovin' cultures! As the canal runs right through the city I'll spend the weekend skating through the region's capital enjoying the sights of beautiful parliament buildings while taking pit stops for food stands selling beaver tails, poutine, and wintery ales. After I take my skates off I'll be able to see some of the famous ice sculpture competitions and then hopefully I can catch the Bruins / Senators game Saturday afternoon if my legs still permit me to walk to a local pub!

For the weekend up North my packing list includes some serious weather proof items. On my essentials list I have a long down coat like this or this (I've had my trusty North Face for years - it's the best), sheepskin mittens (another North Country college purchase), and my new mink headband.

For post skating activities I'm thinking of winter leggings (I tell everyone to get these - they are awesome), my trusty Navajo cardigan for Friday night and then a cute sweater dress with the same leggings for Saturday night.

Equipment-wise, I wouldn't be able to make it through the day without my Herschel - I'll have to pack my camera, layers, waters, etc or skates. At night, a simple cross body and bean boots will do. That's the great thing about Ottawa in the winter - ski attire is totally acceptable at the bars!

What are you gals up to this weekend? Hope you make it a good one! 

- Suzanne