Winterlude Recap

Last week I had myself a little Ottawa adventure! Incase you missed my pre-trip post which explained my plans, I drove 7.5 hours up north with my boyfriend to partake in one of my favorite Canadian traditions, the Ottawa Winterlude. The Winterlude is a winter festival centered around the city's famous 6 mile long canal turned public skating rink. Up and down the canal you'll find food vendors, beer and wine vendors, carnival games and lots of locals and tourist enjoying the freezing temperatures. I'm sad the weekend ended so quickly but I'm excited that I finally whipped out my camera so I can share some of my favorite photos here with you gals! 

Here's a look at the start of the canal so you can see what it's like. Parliament Hill is in the backdrop (the castle building, not the ugly building).

Off the canal there are also lots of little vendors and events going on. I was lucky and caught a few music performances at a nearby stage as well as some figure skating performances at an inclosed rink. Above: Fresh home made frozen taffy stored in the snow, yum!

I was shocked to learn there are wine vineyards so far north but as the Wine Country Ontario reps told me, there is such a thing as cold weather vineyards! Very cool and very delicious... and yes I had trouble skating off 6 sippy cups.

Sometimes further down past the vendors you get the canal all to yourself!

I was taking a break and this girl was c-r-u-i-s-i-n-g...must've been a local. I love her red jacket!

Mermaid ice sculpture - I took this for you, Merm!

Obviously ended my 12 mile skate with beaver tails and poutine. 

Looking for recommendations on what to do in Ottawa? Message JUGs for more details!

- Suzanne