Book Club Discussion Questions for 'And The Mountains Echoed'

1. If you had to give this book a letter grade, what would you give?

2. Have you read Khaled Housseini's other books? What are the similarities and differences? What plot devices does the author continue to use throughout his work?

3. What would you say are the three main themes of the book?

4. How are the characters raised in Afghanistan different from those raised in the U.S.? France? Greece? Are these accurate representations?

5. Which character did you find the most sympathetic? Least?

6. The oak tree in Shadbagh plays an important role for many different characters. What is its significance in the story? What do its branches represent? Why do you think Saboor cuts it down? How does its stump come back as an important landmark later on?

7. Why is the book titled

And the Mountains Echoed

? Can you find examples of echoes or recurrences in the plot? In the structure of the storytelling?

8. The book describes the shades of right and wrong that people must sort through when making decisions. Are there any characters that made decisions that were 100% wrong? Are there some characters that feel they've "made" wrong decisions that you think were actually the "right" ones?

9. Many characters face heart-wrenching disabilities throughout the novel. What is Hosseini trying to convey? How do the other characters help/hurt those dealing with physical trauma?

10. Why did Nabi wait so long to try to mend his broken family?

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