Daily Read: After the Jump

For this Wednesday's Daily Read I am sharing a "daily listen." As a podcast lover that I am, I have to share with you one of my favorite non-comedic podcasts, After the Jump, brought to us from Grace Bonney, the well known blogger behind Design*Sponge.

Whether you are into blogging, you're an artist or working within a creative space, After the Jump is an excellent way to spend 30 minutes being inspired. Inspired mostly just by friendly and positive thinking creatives that spend the show opening up to Grace about the life experiences. Experiences that drove them past self-doubt, financial struggles and all the hurdles that could have prevented them from getting to where they are today. Along with their life stories they share helpful tidbits that may just apply to you and your personal business, doesn't that all sound refreshing? Most guests are independent artists and vary from well-known artists like Todd Selby or Genevieve Gorder to an up-and-coming or lesser known artist. 

As many of you know, I am one of the many bloggers that love Grace's work. Having been so lucky to see her speak at last Summer's Alt Summit, I can assure you that she is just as genuine in person as she is on the radio show. 

Some of my favorite After the Jump podcasts:

After the Jump airs every Thursday at 11 a.m. EST on Brooklyn's Heritage Radio Network, so mark you calendars for tomorrow's podcast! 

- Suzanne

Image source: Design*Sponge