Daily Read: Sincerely, Jules

Julie Sarinana and her "visual diary," as she calls her blog,

Sincerely, Jules

, is exactly the California sunshine we need this and every week! I have been following Jules for a few years, and she has always exhibited a classic style I hope to adopt more of in my wardrobe. It is the perfect combination of comfortable classics mixed with simply stated accessories that are not overly trendy.  She also has THE best handbag collection I think I've seen on the internet, hands down.

Julie takes some pretty bomb trips, most recently featuring her home country of 

México, in a township called Tulum that I definitely need on my travel bucket list.  Girlfriend has seen a lot of the world, and it is amazing following along with her!  

Aside from traveling the globe, she is also a designer of witty t-shirts, available




.  Be sure to

add her

as your next daily read!  Also, one of my favorite trends this year Jules' sometimes sports will be featured tomorrow...any guesses out there?!

- Meredith