Self-Defense Tips for the City Gal

Living in a city is an exciting part of adulthood!  We should not let anyone threaten this for us.  With unfortunate reminders like the tragedy of Amy Lord's kidnapping last year and recent sexual assaults in the North End involving unknown perpetrators leaves us feeling anything but safe.  Common sense tells us that you need to be aware of your surroundings when heading home, but there is a harsh difference of a work night vs. a night out.


We need to remember that prevention is really the best self-defense.  Before you get over-confident in thinking you know what you're doing after watching a few videos, or took martial arts as a kid, get familiar with the harsh reality that an actual class is the way to go.  Lucky for us, there are a lot of options in the Boston area!

Are there any other resources you can share?  What do you think is the best method of self-defense?

- Meredith

*Please consult an expert before practicing self-defense moves.