Stocking Up for Southie

Its here! The annual St. Patrick's Day celebration is on Sunday, so its time to start getting prepared for the mayhem.

  • The forecast says it will be in the mid-30's and cloudy on Sunday, so I highly recommend layering up with a green cardigan (or two, or three), green mittens, and most importantly, bean boots, since you'll likely be standing outside for much of the day. 
  • Unfortunately, this year's parade has been tainted with scandal, as the parade committee does not want the LGBT community to march in the event. Show your support for our LGBT friends and family by rocking a rainbow pin or carrying a flag!
  • Also, make sure to bring cash. Southie is crowdeddddd on St. Paddy's, so bring cash to ensure fast transactions. You're also sure to see a few fundraisers going on, especially for the upcoming Boston Marathon, and cash is the quickest way to contribute.
  • Finally, bring your host a delicious and theme-appropriate gift, like Jameson!

Be safe and enjoy the day!

- Cameron