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Daily Read

isn't a blog per se, rather, its the web-home of an entire social movement.

AWEAR 2014

, founded by Kestrel Jenkins, aims to shift the consciousness of apparel consumers. For years, fast fashion and trendy designers have dominated the market, but we are quickly finding that this is not socially or environmentally responsible. AWEAR invites fashionistas from around the globe to submit their "AWEAR-ready" looks for a chance to be featured on their site, blog, and social media accounts.

AWEAR ready outfits can be looks by eco designers, something you found at a thrift shop, or even something you've designed yourself. If this sounds intimidating, simply start by scrolling threw their list of

Style Icons

 for some great outfit inspiration!

We also love the AWEAR motto: Inspiring stylish change, one real person at a time.

Can't wait to assemble some of my fair trade accessories, vintage apparel, and cruelty free shoes to create an AWEAR outfit of my own.

While we're on the topic of conscious consumerism, mark your calendars - 

Fashion Revolution Day

is 4/24/2014. FRD encourages people to wear their clothing inside out for one day so that the tags showing where your garments are made are readily visible. As a society, we often buy clothing without thinking about the journey that garment took before getting to us, so Fashion Revolution Day is a great reminder of the hard work that is put into everything we buy. On 24th April last year, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza clothing factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. By joining the FRD movement, you can show that slave labor and unsafe working environments are unacceptable.

- Cameron