Discussion Questions for 'Lean In' By Sheryl Sandberg



About a year ago, Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In was making headlines in every major news outlet. Its funny, because though the book is well written and throught provoking, the topic of women in the workplace is far from a new issue. So why did this book cause such a firestorm? Lets discuss.

1. Give the book a letter grade and explain.

2. After reading Lean In, why do you think women only make $.77 for every dollar made by a man?

3. Have you ever negotiated a pay raise? If not, what's holding you back?

4. How are older and younger generations of women different in your workplace?

5. Did you find any flaws in Sandberg's arguments throughout the book?

6. Do you have someone in your field that you'd consider a mentor? Do you serve as a mentor for a younger woman?

7. Has reading this book had any impact on your office behavior or outlook?

8. Is "ambitious" a positive way to describe someone - or negative?

9. Sandberg focuses on the phrase "done is better than perfect." Is this a motto you see yourself incorporating into your career?

If you liked the book and found Sandberg's advice helpful, I highly suggest checking out the Lean In organization's website - it is updated frequently with career advice and negotiation tutorials!