Daily Read: The Chalkboard Mag

This week's

daily read

 is one of my favorite healthy living and style resources.

The Chalkboard Mag 

was founded by the team at

Pressed Juicery

, but Chalkboard has taken on a life of its own and doesn't seem like a promotional blog at all. Instead, the Chalkboard is a hub of information on fitness, interior design, nutrition, and beauty. One of my favorite columns on the site is

"Toxic Timeout"

 which details the possible risks of chemicals we come into contact with via food or personal care products. It also doesn't hurt that the blog features an impeccable design and pin-worthy photography.

The diversity of their content gives many reasons to come back. I follow their RSS on my feedly reader so I can keep up to date on multiple topics. They have fabulous interviews and collaborations with artists, doctors, celebrities and more.

- Cameron