Feel Something More

As part of Team J and A’s Feel Something More Blog Tour, the JUGs have decided to share how writing for the blog has helped us feel something more in our personal lives. Reading other Boston Blogs and sharing our own experiences on Just Us Gals makes us really proud to be young women in Boston!

C A M E R O N:
Four years ago, I was stuck in a very corporate, tedious job. I needed a creative outlet, because doing the same thing every day at work and at home was really draining. I’m not even close to being a painter or a poet, so blogging was the perfect way for me to share my creativity and explore my interests. Since then, blogging has been an incredible avenue for achieving something more in my life. By regularly writing for Boston Green Blog and Just Us Gals, I’ve been able to keep my writing skills sharp, meet new people, and attend events I probably wouldn’t have gone to without blogging as an excuse. Blogging also helped me land my dream job because on the web was clear record of passion, commitment, and ambition. The blogs have also helped me make new friends and strengthen old friendships.

M E R E D I T H:
As many know, Boston is an intimate city full of passionate people, even beyond the gates of Fenway Park.  Throughout the creation and execution processes of Just Us Gals, Cameron, Suzanne and I have been able to share our passions with friends and readers alike!  Having this creative outlet is a great supplement to our lives as young professionals, each with a full time job in different arenas.  The blog helps us seek out what is happening in our city, and it’s amazing to be the source of so much discovery!  Being a co-author of a lifestyle blog started as a hobby, has become a conversation starter and the gateway to sharing personal creativity for something more than the daily grind.  It has been so rewarding to receive feedback from readers, and I have become a more well-rounded and open person because of this outlet, too!

S U Z A N N E:
I’ve never been a person that can “sit still”, but after my first year out of college and in the working world, I felt like my life had become very routine. I felt that Boston and my circles were closing in on me and it was if all the fun opportunities of my youth were gone. When Cameron, Meredith and I decided to start the blog I realized all those adventures and possibilities were still out there, all the time, we just had to make a little effort to get involved. Being part of the Boston Blogger community has been a great way for me to experience that “something more” feeling. In the past year and a half we have established new blogger and professional networks, met numerous talented entrepreneurial women, attended film screenings, meetups, conferences, tried to dance like Bollywood stars, and ventured to neighborhoods we didn’t even know existed. I think a great way for anyone to feel “something more” is to just sign up for something they’re a little afraid of, and just show up!

- Just Us Gals