Who's That Gal: Team J and A

Tell us a bit about Team J + A. How did you get started?

We met each other while teaching Bikram yoga, and got to know each other better because we were both finishing nutrition school around the same time. We started studying together, and eventually, our study sessions became discussions about starting a detox program. At that point we both had other jobs, so the detox idea was pretty casual, but within the last year or two, we both decided to work full time at developing our 14 Day Detox Program.

What is the 14 Day Whole Food Detox?

Every season, we host an online, live, program - essentially, it is a course on clean cooking and eating. Its not paleo or vegan, though the program has elements of both, rather it’s a way of discovering what works best for you and what foods are right for your body. We provide grocery lists and recipes that make it easy to cook without any processed ingredients. For the entire two weeks, participants are off gluten, soy, corn, extra sugar, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol. By eliminating each of these elements, you’ll quickly discover where your body’s sensitivities lie. It may sound intimidating, but on the Whole Food Detox you can eat as much as you want, so you won’t feel as restricted as you might think.

As a  young business owners, what challenges have you faced in your industry and business in general?

Going from a corporate world, to working at home can feel pretty lonely. We’re lucky that we are doing this together. Working from home isn’t as glamorous as people imagine it to be. It’s equally as stressful as a corporate job because you have no excuses when you are answering to yourself.

Your motto is “Feel Something More,” how does your detox program promote this mission?

Feel something more really encapsulates the mission of the 14 Day Detox. There is more specific “this” or “that” expected result of the program, but you will feel better, and it really depends from person to person on what that is. You’ll feel better in your own body, have more energy, sleep better, and you’ll feel more in every aspect of your life.

How do you know if a detox program is right for you?

A seasonal detox can be right for anyone. People with certain eating disorders may want to avoid doing a detox, but otherwise, detoxing, especially as the seasons change, is often a healthy choice. Especially for people that already work out regularly and eat healthy, but don’t feel good – whether it be digestive issues, or general anxiety – a detox can really help.

What are the first steps someone should take when trying to “eat clean”?

Just be balanced and consistent. The main thing you can do to start feeling better on your own is to cook at home. It doesn’t matter what you cook per se, the first step is making your own food which automatically eliminates preservatives and other chemicals. It also saves you a bunch of money!

What is next for J + A? 

Our June detox is open for registration!

We’re also hoping to roll out a corporate wellness program to make it easier for people and companies to work together to get healthy. We will help design employee challenges and things like that.

And soon, we’d like to do a destination course / retreat. We’d take a class down to Mexico and do a combination of clean eating and transformational coaching!

Best meal in Boston: Myers & Chang

Favorite Boston hangout: I'm learning to salsa dance, and I also love going out to eat with my husband.

Best workout in Boston: Bikram!

Coffee or tea: Tea

Stripes or plaid: eh...neither.

Bike or walk: Walk. 

And because we’re a bookclub, what was the last book you read: I just finished Where'd You Go Bernadette, and now I'm reading The Language of Flowers.

Best meal in Boston: Casa B

Favorite Boston hangout:  Havana in Central Sq - I love salsa dancing!

Best workout in Boston: Bikram

Coffee or tea: Tea

Stripes or plaid: Stripes

Bike or walk: Bike

And because we’re a bookclub, what was the last book you read: I'm working through The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert.

- Cameron