Crop Top Outfit Ideas

crop tops for everyone
crop tops for everyone

Last weekend at my college five year reunion I had a style revelation. My style revelation was that I realized everyone could wear a crop top. Shallow it may seem, but this was big news to me and also a huge confidence builder. I swear, I saw at least 10 different crop top outfits on girls that were of a variety of shapes and sizes.

What this told me is that you don't have to have the model 5'10" bod to sport a crop top. You can have a tall athletic build, a slender build, a large bust, small bust, soft tummy, toned tummy, wide hips or small hips. There is a way a crop top and


work for you.

What do the pro's suggest? Crop tops can go with pencil skirts, a-line skirts, pants, you name it. Grab a tighter fit one for a night out or a loser top that bares minimum skin for a fashion-forward day at the office. Need more advice? Check out these

well styled crops on Refinery29

for more everyday crop top outfit ideas.

J U G S    A P P R O V E D    C R O P    T O P     O U T F I T S

1 //

Top Shop Lace Top


Zara Pleated Pants

2 //

Tibi Eyelit Bustier


Eyelit Full Skirt

3 //

Top Shop Cutaway Top


Dorothy Perkins Pleated Maxi

- Suzanne