Daily Read: The Londoner

Rose Thomas is the girl-next-door type lifestyle blogger whose life you (I)


.  Finding

The Londoner

 was such a treat for me, it's a nice daily reminder of my time studying abroad in London during college, x amount of years ago.  [[Full disclosure, I would move to London tomorrow if I could.]]

Rosie's log of daily adventures are chock full of drool-worthy images, whether she be at Harrod's, in Kensington Gardens, at the local pub or elsewhere, which could be all over the world.  She seems to be stateside in NYC often, and chronicles the city in a new light I don't see replicated elsewhere in the blog world that captures the essence of the city.

In my opinion, Rosie has impeccable taste in clothing, accessories and, food!  You need to start following

her Instagram account

 immediately, if not sooner.  Rosie may have a modelesque figure and amazing Kate Middleton brunette locks, but girlfriend keeps it real with her online life journal.  Aside from a passport anyone would envy, her friendly humor is evident in her writing, too.  You can't help to want to go grab a pint with her!

- Meredith

all photos from

The Londoner