Daily Read: Tuula Vintage

No, Jessica Stein is not a model.  She is a mid-twenties beauty from Australia with a serious case of wanderlust and someone with the best. job. 


  She left the real estate world in 2010 and started an online visual diary, easy to see why she has built a solid following over the past four years!

Jess travels the world for fashion shoots and documents everything for her blog, 

Tuula Vintage

.  The title was chosen based on the word "wind" in Finnish, which describes her lifestyle as a traveling fashionista.  Her statement is made in designer pieces, and she keeps accessories to a minimum.  I love seeing the various cities and landscapes that she visits. 

Tuula Vintage

 feeds my daily case of wanderlust!

- Meredith

all photos from

Tuula Vintage