Healthy Summer Shampoo Choices


Hair Cleanser No. 724

, $19.95

Did you know that shampoo companies add unnecessary chemicals to their products to make them foamy? This product protects your long-suffering locks against mechanical distress caused by flat ironing, blow drying without foaming. Whether your hair is dry, oily or in between, this revolutionary shampoo, with its combination of healing oils and patented stem cells, cleans and heals without soap or suds!


Rahua Shampoo

, $32.00

This 100% natural, organic and light-lather shampoo creates and maintains healthy, bouncy and lustrous hair. It works for all hair types and is especially effective for color-treated hair. You can find it at our favorite eco-beauty boutique,




365 Lavender Blend Shampoo

, $10.00

This budget friendly shampoo is great for people that are new to the whole eco-beauty thing. This product smells fantastic without artificial fragrances and is made with organic ingredients. Plus it works similarly to the traditional shampoos you're used to.

- Cameron