Local Ideas for Dad's Big Day

Ummmm Father's Day is on Sunday....yeah...THIS Sunday. Luckily for us, Boston has some awesome last-min gifts to offer, like

Bully Boy White Whiskey

 (its clear...sorry...wrong photo above) which is available in most liquor stores, but is special because it is distilled right in Boston and is USDA certified organic. If your dad is more of a beer drinker, treat him to a locally brewed six pack of

Plum Island Belgian White

. It is the perfect summer beer...you should probably ask dad to share with you upon opening!

If your father is a foodie, a gift certificate to

Karl's Sausage Kitchen

in Peabody would be perfect! Their gourmet European market has everything you need for a summer BBQ. Plus, Karl's can deliver your gift certificate within 24 hours --- whew! Another idea, of course, is to cook for dad yourself. Try out this

Whiskey Caramel Bacon Bark

recipe. I know this one is 100% dad-approved because my dad is the one who sent me this recipe!

Finally, there is the old standby:

Red Sox

tickets. Our boys may not be doing so well this season, but there is really nothing like going to Fenway with your dad.

Happy Father's Day gals!

- Cameron