Mini Daily Read: Nina Garcia's Pinterest Boards

In the spirit of summer and being outside instead of on our computers, we are continuing on with our "Mini" Daily Read series and this week's feature is on the ever-so-stylish Nina Garcia and her pinterest boards.

Many of us know Garcia for her role as the tough judge on Project Runway, but previous to the show her resume built up to be quite the laundry list of accomplishments. It is from her experience at top fashion magazines like Elle and Marie Claire that Garcia has gained the utmost respect from every gal out there, from the "it" girls to the fashionably clueless, and it's because of this we can turn to her for inspiration.

While I could spend hours devoting to combing her pinterest boards, I am deeming this a "Mini Daily Read" because many times throughout the week I visit Garcia's many style boards for quick, easy and complete work and weekend attire ideas. Running late for a meeting but not sure what to pair with your outfit? Check out one of her many accessory boards. Not sure how to wear a latest trend? Check out her outfit boards conveniently categorized by trend. 

All you have to do is follow Nina Garcia on Pinterest and you're ready for a stylish day. You're welcome.

- Suzanne

Pssst, fun fact: Garcia attended the Dana Hall School in Wellesley!