Sunless Tanners

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Quick soapbox moment on this topic, I am a huge proponent of not using tanning beds.  I frequented them regularly in my youth (including a job working at one during high school...stupid), and ended up paying for it as a young adult.  Even though I was always good about sunscreen use, you're never invincible to the strength of the sun.  Especially with Boston being such a seasonal city, I make sure to slowly build a base tan to avoid burning, which is always the goal (plus leaving the dermatologist after an annual visit with the OK is an amazing feeling!).

Lately, I've been looking into and trying a few different sunless tanning solutions.  My most recent trial was a spray tan at Elizabeth Grady for an upcoming wedding this weekend.  It was completely customized and results are expected to last 7-10 days, not bad for $40!

A few of my favorite products above are so easy to use that they're a part of my daily regimen the first day that "tights season" ends.  






present a wide variety of products for the sunless tanning user.  Do you have a favorite you would recommend?  Leave a comment so we can try it, too!  And, while you're at the store picking it up, grab that 30-50 SPF, nothing less!  You'll be grateful when people think you're still in your 20s in another 10-15 years, wrinkle-free and a clean bill of health to boot!

- Meredith