Spring Cleaning with ThredUp

You read that right, spring cleaning, and it's 


.  Since moving this fall for the first time in four years, I am just now, another nine months later, starting to purge.  I have had this task on my to-do list for


.  I even curbed my former (horrible) shopping habits because I knew I had absolutely nowhere to put anything once it would come out of the bag.  I researched a few options and once I read about resale site 


, I knew that would be the kick in the behind I needed to 


 start this mini-makeover.

The thing I like most about 


 is that whatever does not sell or is accepted gets donated.  No journey to find an area Salvation Army bin necessary, which is great news for a city gal!

It's been a slow start for me with just two bags packed up (and not yet mailed in), but it feels 


 to start purging.  Two down, many more to go!

- Meredith