Daily Read: Sequins & Stripes

There's so much I want to share with you about Liz Schneider, creator of the popular blog

Sequins and Stripes

, but for everyones sake I'll keep this Daily Read short. 

I've been following

Sequins and Stripes

since I first started reading blogs back in 2011, right around the time when Liz first launched her first post. She started on the scene with a cute blog that posted outfit ideas she put together for clients from her newly emerging stylist business, and I thought that was so incredibly inspiring and brave. It wasn't everyday that I heard about someone my age starting their own fashion business, especially when the blogging and stylist arena had not reached the popularity and level of respect that it has today.

Over the past three years Liz has continued to be an inspiration. We have watched her blossom from a small business to a virtual friend and style advisor to thousands. It's honestly remarkable how she still finds time to keep up with her blog and frequently contribute to some of the most respected brands like 



Kate Spade

Trust us when we say that you should add Liz to your Daily Read list. Not only is she a fierce business woman and career inspiration, but she has impeccable taste and will help you refine your everyday glam. You can find her amazing fashion picks on her blog


and get even more updates on her instagram


. And of course, watch out for her upciming collaborations!

- Suzanne

Images via Sequins & Stripes and Refinery29.