New Favorite iPhone Apps

After bitching and moaning to friends last week about a broken iPhone (white screen of death for 4 whole days), I rejoined 2014 with an upgraded phone.  Thanks to iCloud, everything restored perfectly and now that I have more space, I can download more apps.  Here are some of my recent favorites that I would recommend to bring efficiency to your life:

LevelUp // As a Boston-based company, LevelUp is essentially that "virtual wallet" we should all have by now.  You hook up a debit card to your account and can pay with your phone at local retailers, racking up savings over time.

ShopStyle // After selecting a brand, item type or specific product name, ShopStyle scours the internet for you to find your favorite items on sale.  You receive an email when the item's price lowers, so you know it's the right time to grab it!

Uber // From suburban meetings for work to not wanting to deal with Boston cabbies, Uber is IT. The cars are generally immaculate, fares cheaper than taxis due to different licensing, you pay through the app itself and even rate the driver at the end of each ride.  Plus, the promotion of 25% on UberX rides all summer is reason enough to download.

Songza // Songza presents curated playlists according to mood, time of day, or a certain event.  You can then "like" or "dislike" the song, and those you do like, save in your account.  It's like having a DJ with you at all times!

Drive // Google just does no wrong in my eyes.  Drive is connected to your Google account and is virtual storage of documents, spreadsheets, photos and more.  You can easily share items with friends via email in addition to group editing.  Cam, Suz and I pretty much live by this app for all JUGs-related things, such a lifesaver!

VenMo // I use VenMo almost weekly, it is a great way to split bills and pay friends back for that cover charge you just didn't have in cash for this weekend.  This is a shared favorite in my friend group, it just couldn't be easier! Plus, the newsfeed of payments is built-in entertainment.

Any others I missed?  What are your favorite apps these days?

- Meredith

photos from Google and Forbes