Discussion Questions for Mindy Kaling's 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?'

1. Grade the book, A-F.

2. Compared to other memoirs you've read, how does this one stack up?

3. What was your favorite essay in the book? Why?

4. What parts did you find most relatable?

5. To what do you attribute Mindy's success in Hollywood? Her passion? Her ambition? Pure Talent? Luck?

6. Are there deeper themes to the book as a whole, or is it just a light-hearted, funny read?

7. Did you find any relevant career advice?

8. Is Mindy a good role model? Is she one of your's?

9. A lot of Mindy's humor is self-deprecating. Do you think she is too hard on herself? If so, does that perhaps speak to the pressure of celebrity?

10. What is the deal with young celebs writing memoirs? Are you over it? Who would you want to see come out with one?


- Cameron