It's hard to compete with some of the "dream desks" shown on Pinterest as not everyone works from home, has an unlimited budget or has a cute office. In fact many of us have budgets or other common constrictions like close proximity to others and maybe even a really ugly cubicle. But no matter the desk set up or the location, we can all admit that work can take a toll on oneself and we all need to create our personal "happy zones" in order to get through the day. 

I think some of the best remedies to uplift an exhausted work spirit is some perspective, organization and spunk. Perspective can remind you that whatever your latest work drama, it is not the end of the world, organization can make it easier to tackle the next task and a little spunk can make you smile through even the most mundane tasks. 

Here are some of my top picks as of late towards achieving a clean, organized, peaceful and uplifting work spirit:

1 // 

Be Present Prin

t from shopampersand $40

2 // Rifle Paper Co 

Botanical Desk Calendar


3 // Poppin 

Desktop Set


4 // 

Poppins Signature Ballpoint Pens


5 // 

Just Sayin' Post It's


6 // 

All Seeing Eye Hand Amule

t from mudpuppy $48

7 // 

Metallic mason jars

 with succulents $17

8 // 

Arrow file folders


- Suzanne