That JCrew Gingham Shirt

There have been some ridiculous social media accounts out there in past years.  A few relate to features or "assets" of celebrities (e.g. this after Oscars 2012), others are notable TV characters. No matter what, they seem to be created by people with far too much time on their hands.  At any rate, let's be real and admit they can be entertaining.

The latest obscure social media account has to be @ThatJCrewGinghamShirt.  As a classic staple in a guy's wardrobe, particularly one in New England, we've all see this shirt.  It flatters most, it's lighter than flannel and is pretty much seasonless.  Now, it's wearers are being captured from all over and shared via instagram, because, I guess, why not?  Let's hope this ridiculousness continues!

- Meredith

all photos from TJGS's instagram