"Back to School" Shopping

metallic folders ($9) // acrylic tiered organizer ($18)
// essential pen collection ($20) //
my go-to planner for 2015* ($58) // neon nesting boxes ($54)
// desk blotter ($12) //

I have always been someone who enjoyed shopping for school supplies at the start of a new school year (maybe a little too much).  I still never skip a trip to the Container Store when passing by.  Even though school is over for most of us, September always seems to present a fresh start, even if it is just a mental state.  There are plenty of "grown-up" supplies out there to transform your work space into one a bit more airy and minimal while also helping you GSD (get sh*t done).  Trust me, I've done the research!  What is your favorite "school supply" item to keep you on top of your game?

- Meredith

*Full review of the planner to come in 2015!