Color Clutch is a Nail Polish Solution for Every Gal

If you're a nail polish hoarder like us (like we have a nail polish addiction) then the Color Clutch is the product you've been waiting for. No need to fill your medicine cabinet full of Essie only to have your ridiculous collection topple into the sink every time your roommate grabs an advil. Color Clutch provides a neat, organized, and sleek way to store your polishes out of sight - but handy when you need them. With Color Clutch, you can store and display 18 bottles of any size nail polish bottle in just 2.5 inches of shelf space:

Color Clutch just launched their Kickstarter this week - we are so excited to see their progress. Both the pouch and the display case are sold for $30 in robins egg blue - but more colors may be announced if they reach their kick starter goal! Make sure to check it out and support these amazing entrepreneurs.

- Cameron