Daily Read: The Workher

You know we love posting about female entrepreneurs following their passions in our "

Who's That Gal

" Series.  Well, today's daily read is essentially a sister from another mister (and continent).  I came across

The Workher

via pinterest, and Sydney gal Laura Douglas appropriately dubs her blog "A survival guide for the young working woman."  Her "

Inspiring Women

" posts are similar to WTG with a sweet Aussie vibe.  

Cameron, Suzanne and I are lucky enough to enjoy where we work, but one can never stop growing, and

The Workher

is a great resource for this encouragement.  I also like how she directs content to Gen Y readers, peer advice is something we can learn a lot from!  We think that this young blog is just starting to blossom.  You heard it here first!

Some noteworthy posts from

The Workher

for your perusal:


Playing to Your Strengths


Anxiety at work


Ways to Stand Out at Work

- Meredith