Networking groups in Boston for women
Networking groups in Boston for women

As Boston is a front-runner for innovation and entrepreneurship, we are lucky to be in a city where there are many influential women all around us. Since starting our blog, Cam, Meredith and myself have found ourselves attending many women-only networking groups that I feel completely grateful to have stumbled into by accident. 

They started as a space for us to go out, grab a drink and promote our blog, and have grown into a network of peers we ask not only about blog advice, but life, health and career advice. Many of the women we have met have participated in our Who's That Gal series and have become long term friends that inspire us in so many ways, which is something I know we are all three very amazed by.

As we like to share inspiring stories in our Who's That Gal series, we also aim to provide our readers with the best resources we know of. Below is the list of groups we have attended and found to be great spaces for learning, connecting and brainstorming, and we hope you accept this list as an invite to join the Boston networks of hustling gals that we have fortunately found ourselves in.  

If anyone has other networking resources for women they'd like to share, please send them along as we are always looking for input!

- Suzanne

Young Women in Digital

Young Women in Digital

is a networking group for professionals working, or interested in working in digital marketing, social media, experiential and online marketing.  Typically events are held twice a month and vary from cocktail meet ups to panel led discussions or workshops. 

Bos Lady Project

The BOS Lady Project

is the sister chapter to Providence based group, The Lady Project, and hosts monthly events for women looking to connect and get inspired by other entrepreneurial women around the bean.  Each event features the BOS 3×3, three local women of different backgrounds, industries and career levels share their story in three minutes.

Bonus - since they are a non-profit organization,  each event benefits a local charity or organization that is either run by women or benefits women in our community.

Wonder Women in Boston

Wonder Women of Boston

is an open community of ambitious, accomplished women of all ages and backgrounds in the greater Boston area. Whether you work are an entrepreneur, job-seeker, or student, Wonder Women in Boston is a network that aims to help build helpful relationships and skills for rewarding life work for the female community in and around Boston.

Ladies Lounge (via General Assembly & WeWork)

Ladies Lounge

is a monthly event hosted by General Assembly and WeWork that features women entrepreneurs. Each event is focused around one theme and generally has up to three speakers as well as time for mingling.