Whole Food Detox Check-In

So I am about halfway through Team J+A's Whole Food Detox - their 14 day program that cuts out all processed foods and foods that can irritate and cause inflammation and bloating. This includes: soy, corn, gluten, red meat (I'm cutting out all meat), dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and added sugar. I know, that sounds awful and super-restricted, but it is surprisingly easy (minus the caffeine withdrawal headaches). Jody and Ashley provide a pretty awesome meal plan and recipes that have all been delicious so far! My main takeaway so far: tahini sauce is delicious on everything - and includes a decent amount of protein.

I was pretty exhausted for the first couple days after giving up coffee, but I look forward to seeing more of the positive impacts of detoxing next week. My goal is to feel increased energy and hopefully get rid of some regular bloating. And I'm sure my liver appreciates the break.

But hey, if those don't end up happening, at least I've learned some amazing new recipes! Stay tuned for updates.

photos courtesy of  www.teamjanda.com

- Cameron