3 Ways to Wear Sweats at Work

How often do you wish you were on the couch in sweats watching a movie instead of sitting at your desk at work? This crosses my mind all too often at work, but the good news is this fall we can all take comfort (literally) in the fact that sweats are now a fashionable item. 

Yes, you heard it. It is now acceptable to wear sweats in the workplace. Not all sweats, but dressy sweats, like a

jeweled sweatshirt

, a simple

sweatshirt dress

, or

track sweat pants

. All you have to do to make it "extra acceptable" is pair with fashionable sneaks, heels, leather items, or a statement accessory and you are good to go! Comfy and cozy at the desk equals one step closer to happiness on a daily basis, that's my new motto.

How do you dress comfortably but professionally at work? Share your tips with us via twitter (



- Suzanne