Daily Read: The Kind Life

Did you just say you've never heard of The Kind Life?! AS IF!

The Kind Life has been actress Alicia Silverstone's healthy living dairy for the past few years and even resulted two books - The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama. Alicia combines conscious, healthy living with environmental sustainability and animal rights to create a blog about how to do everything without hurting anyone or anything else. Though the overall blog is not political, she still manages to tackle the tough issues like fracking, climate change, and animal slaughter for leather production (seriously, did you know that many soccer cleats around the world are made of kangaroo leather? yikes). Alicia also rounds up some great vegan recipes like vegan shepard's pie and sweet potato black bean enchiladas. I definitely want to get a copy of The Kind Diet....adding it to the Christmas wishlist ASAP - it is a perfect follow up to the J+A Whole Food Detox I completed in September.

- Cameron