JUGs Approved: This Is Life with Lisa Ling

So I've only seen three of the five aired episodes to date, but I'm already prepared to say that I am a huge fan of CNN's new show, This Is Life.  Renowned reporter Lisa Ling (who, fun fact, delivered my college commencement address!) produces and hosts the investigatory program that focuses on various life choices, often questionable and unusual, within sub-cultures of the US.  Her journalism is raw, with an early episode diving into the serious stuff right away, painkiller addiction within affluent Mormon communities in Utah.  Needless to say, the topics are incredibly real and moving.  I'll leave everything to your own interpretations, but there is no doubt that this show will open up your mind and awareness to the candor shown.  I find This Is Life a great outlet to expand horizons and to learn!  New episodes air on CNN Sunday nights at 10pm, with past episodes available on demand.

- Meredith