Recap of Society of Grownups Event

We must say, we love presenting the up-and-coming in Boston! And (you heard it here first),

The Society of Grownups

will change the financial attitude and responsibility of young adults in Boston and beyond!  We all know that the subject of personal finances is an intimidating one.  Whether or not you understand your credit, financial guidance is important information for you now, and arguably, more so for your future.

The Society of Grownups is a learning initiative put on by Mass Mutual, so you know the information is legit. With these "professional grownups," as they call themselves, as your guide, you learn how to get your financial footing from curated financial experts in a relaxed environment. No stuffy suits here, a modern inviting space on convenient

Beacon Street

location hosts group classes, individual planning sessions and even social networking events.

We will be sure to catch their events in the coming weeks, these people know how to put together an impressive event!  Last night, we attended their launch party at Barcelona down the street from their office, and sure loved the appetizers, beverages and laughs from Shrewsbury's own

Mike Birbiglia


We can only imagine the longevity of this movement, and can already see our bright financial futures with their assistance!  Be sure to check out their

event calendar

and read more


their services for more information.

Now (even if you're nervous) go be a grownup, like us!

- Meredith

A huge thank-you for admission to the launch event by LaunchSquad!  P

hotos from SoGU website and author's own.