Why You Must Try Dry Brushing


Oil pulling, charcoal teeth brushing, juicing - there have been countless beauty trends over the past couple years - all a little strange, but many effective. Our latest tested-and-approved beauty trend is dry brushing. 

I first heard of dry brushing from Jody and Ashley as a way to continue the journey to good health after completing the 14 Day Whole Food Detox. And, after spotting a selection of dry brushes at Follain, I decided to buy one and try body brushing for myself. 

WHY BRUSH: Dry brushing daily before each shower promises to exfoliate, draw toxins out from the skin, activate the lymphatic system, smooth rough spots (elbows), and even help slightly decrease cellulite. 

COST: Sustainably-made sisal brush from Follain: $10. 

ACTUAL RESULTS: Starting out, I was nervous about over-exfoliating and irritating my sensitive skin, but so far, no problems. In fact, rather than being itchy or awkward, dry brushing is really soothing and comforting - like a quick mini-massage. As far as the other claims, let's go through them one by one. Does dry brushing...

Exfoliate? Yes.

Detox & activate lymphatic system? Hard to tell, but I feel great.

Smooth skin? Yes.

Decrease cellulite? No results in this arena yet, but I've only been brushing for about a month, and I hope to start seeing results in a matter of 6 months or so (before next bikini season)!

Bottom Line: Dry brushing takes less than 5 minutes per day and the results are well-worth the time. Plus it feels great!

- Cameron