Local Gem: Skoah Boston

Sure, you moisturize night and day, exfoliate, maybe even use a humidifier, but winter still does brutal things to your skin.  Have no fear, this is where Skoah comes in to the rescue!  The Vancouver-based spa has three footprints in Boston, and we were lucky enough to try it out last month.  We all opted for the South End location and chose a new item on Skoah's menu, what they call Target Sessions.  An affordable pick-me-up designed for four common skin issues, you can opt to detox, rewind, peel or glow.  

I went in asking for the detox, thinking that my oily-combination skin needed this, but Skoah's expert esthetician recommended I go for the peel.  As someone very lucky to have two stylish aunts who always encouraged proactive skin care from an early age, I am a facial veteran (probably going on 15 years at this point!), and Skoah's peel gave me results I don't tend to see after a treatment.  The peel targeted both exfoliation, extraction (very bearable, I may add) and even a neck/shoulder massage.  In and out in about 45-minutes at a low cost makes this an easy workout for your skin between other treatments you may target just for a cleansing, still with relaxing qualities for a time-out.  The session got down to business, and honestly, I enjoyed the efficiency of the visit, there wasn't the usual 15-minute filler of wind-down and wake-up at beginning and end, the time was used in a smart way and noticing a better glow than usual has me craving my next visit!

Cameron, Suzanne and I all had positive experiences at Skoah.  We think it's a strong statement that Boston is Skoah's first US city of expansion, and they are certainly growing quickly!  These Target Sessions make a perfect gift, and I would even suggest a membership so your favorite gal can consistently head in to glow after a regular "workout!" 

Special thanks to Chris Haynes and amazing staff at Skoah Tremont Street for this delicacy!

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