Week of December 29th

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Happy Monday!  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with loved ones.  Are you doing anything fun for New Year's Eve?  If so, tweet at us!  Here are our latest updates for you:



I watched The Interview last night, did you watch?  What did you think?

The long-anticipated Entourage movie finally had a trailer released, and I cannot wait to see it this summer!


In a year-end round up, here are some reasons to be grateful you're a Bostonian (not that you need more, but always nice confirmations).

Sure, you've heard of ClassPass (post on that to come soon!), but the BCAE is offering something similar (and a better deal) for fitness classes in January and February!  Read here for more details.


This tip is honestly life-changing.  You'll never make up your bed the same!

Always helpful tips for packing a carry-on.  And, ICYMI, read about travel guru, Hitha!

When you're writing your thank-you notes (never too old for that, I think), be sure to address them properly.  Here are some great grammar tips for pluralizing names before you mail those puppies out.

Into Serial and missing it already?  Check out this amazing mash-up to throw into your playlist.


Nervous about NYE?  Watch this quick video to snap out of it and focus on f-u-n!

Still not sure what you're doing Wednesday night?  Check out some ideas here.

Think of your resolutions for 2015 in a new way.  Similarly, make sure you don't bring procrastinating habits into January.

You know the JUGs like to repurpose items, and these ideas on how to utilize flat champagne and/or bottles are pretty smart.  Although, we'll be focusing on what to do with empty bottles, no wounded soldiers in our friend groups!

Wishing you a great week!



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