Daily Read: Hitha on the Go

Today, I'm presenting the resource for all of your travel needs!  For it A-L-L, Manhattanite Hitha Palepu is your girl.  Between packing list recommendations, to her travel tips (including using a carry-on for any trip less than 3 weeks, for real!), Hitha's blog is one you need to bookmark today and reference before any trip.  

Some of my favorite articles include: flight etiquette, how to pick the right suitcase, when to check your bag, fighting germs on the go and how to pack electronics.  In addition to these travel tips, Hitha presents short but sweet video tutorials for the visual learner.  If you travel often for work, this will help you pack more efficiently than before.  This video on what to pack in your carry-on is also a must-watch, I know I am going to re-watch it before my trip to DC this weekend!

Hitha's know-how stretches to other parts of a gal's life, such as ways to master your gmail inbox and more various topics.  I first came across Hitha via another daily read of mine, and have hopefully adopted some of Hitha's tips to be a more efficient and organized traveler!  Now it just comes down to planning more trips!


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