Gift Guide: For the Health Goth

First off, what IS  "health goth?"

Health Goth (noun): A fashion trend mixing modern gothic sensibilities with futuristic sportswear, according to Marie Claire. The style could be compared to that of street goth, goth ninja or cyberpunk. The goal, apparently, is to encourage goth people to be more active. Or to make fashionable gym-goers dress more goth, depending on who you ask. - Marie Claire

Health Goth (lifestyle): Like Goop, but for the tortured and misunderstood person who straddles the worlds of the macabre and '90s Adidas...At its essence: wearing black but also working out and eating right. It’s having an appreciation for both Hot Topic and Equinox. Death is great, but your body is not decaying yet, you know, so treat it right. But no need to go to Lululemon or anything. - The Cut

So, has your friend or family recently gotten really into health, but isn't a basic B and loves the color black, but not in a little black dress kind of way? Here's some ideas on what to get them for Christmas, so you can pretend you "totally get it." Your welcome.

1. An edgy sports bra like this one from Onzie.

2. Cold weather workout gear so your friend can work out in extreme conditions.

3. Classic shoes that are not the basic pair of Nike Frees.

4. Leggings with mesh holes / vents.

5. And leggings that double as leather pants.

6. Cork yoga blocks so they can get their meditation on.

7. A gym bag by a famous English designer that did a collab with Adidas.

8. A sweatshirt that displays charm but also the right amount of "leave me alone."

9. A workout sweatshirt that has extremely durable zippers including one that is a little off-centered. Perfect.

Happy shopping!