Local Gem: Area Four

It is no secret: the JUGs love to eat. So when we had a chance to sample some items from Area Four, we jumped on the opportunity, and this Kendall Square hotspot quickly became one of our new fav pizza joints in town. 

Wait, Where?

Area Four 
500 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139

What We Ordered

JUGs will be JUGs, so we started off with a few beers. They have a great selection of local brews, including some of our favorites like Jack's Abbey and Shed. For appetizers, we got the garlic knots and brussels sprouts salad - both of which are very popular items at Area Four. The garlic knots were incredible, but a word to the wise, don't order them on a date, they are not fooling around with the garlic back there. The brussels sprouts salad was also a win, and we particularly liked it since this would be a fussy dish to recreate at home - it was nice to appreciate the work that went into it!

Our main course was pizza, lots and lots of pizza! We got the classic margherita, the not-pepperoni, and the seasonal - which was covered in sweet potato, apples, goat cheese, and amazingness. Area Four uses top-notch ingredients, including many locally sourced and organic produce, and 10-year aged sour dough starter for their famous crust! 

Our Favorites

Cameron - gahhhhlic knots (bad breath = badass)

Meredith - seasonal pizza (this basic betch loves her fall foods!)

Suzanne - margherita za (the classy and traditional JUG)

Why We'll Go Back

a) It is super easy to get to - just a short walk from the Kendall Sq. T stop. b) The food was phenom and the prices were reasonable. and c) great atmosphere, especially cozy for the winter with the warm brick oven just a stone's throw away from our table!