The Week of January 12th

It’s mid-January, aka time to stop dragging our feet and start making progress on our 2015 goals. Cam, Meredith and myself have decided to make the year a more adventurous one by exploring new places both local and beyond. First stop on the JUGs list: Seattle! More on how we booked our trip on a budget coming later this week.

Now let’s get on to the main event, what you need to know to start your week!


Get familiar with these new names - 46 of Boston’s Best New Stores and Services ranked by The Globe.

Um WTF Bill Cosby still has two events scheduled for next month at the Wilbur Theater. Why the heck have these not been cancelled?!

Fashion & Style

Smart girls and fashion do mix, just ask Celine and their new brand rep, Joan Didion. 

Just do you. Why having a signature look can be a good thing.

Career & Finance

Acknowledge past mistakes in order to learn, improve and move on. 

Is this the year you swear you’re going to start saving? Here’s some money habits you need to start now.

Health & Beauty

Start your day on the right track with one of these diet friendly but hearty breakfast recipes.

This is the ultimate green beauty giveaway brought to you by 7 beauty bloggers including Boston’s own, Short Small Sweet


Every girl must read this. Thank you, Alison, for sharing such an open account of giving birth to her first (adorable) baby boy.

That's all folks. Have a great week!