Etsy Picks

As you know, the JUGs love supporting local businesses.  While doing most of my Christmas shopping online this year, Etsy was a huge resource for handmade gifts.  I loved these mug designs so much that I had to buy a few (Bridesmaids and Jessie Spano) for my personal collection.  The Gilly one was too good to pass up as a gift for my sister, and my dad being a huge Seinfeld fan, the Human Fund one was right on par.  I also found silver mylar balloons (spelling out "bride") for my cousin's bridal shower last month, as well as a handmade ornament to start a cumulation for herself and fiancé.  While a lot of the shops are not local to Boston, you can support entrepreneurs elsewhere who are making that certain something you're looking for!  

Below the items I bought as gifts, I've also included a few items that would fit into being organized in 2015 and jazzing up your hubitat.  Let us know of any other great Etsy shops out there that we should check out!

Mug designs: Jessie Spano // Gilly // Bridesmaids // Seinfeld

Mylar balloon letters

Wanderlust foil print // "Pool Boy" wall button // Bill organizer

Quarter-zip // Hustle pad // Santorini print

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