Week of January 16th


Ladies - we are due for a snow day tomorrow! So get the hot cocoa makings, the onesie, and the netflix ready to go! Oh yea, and like maybe know where that emergency flashlight is that your mom gave you when you first moved into your apartment. 

Around Town

We are super excited to check out the Boston Girl Geek Dinner on Thursday night. There are still tickets available, so come join us! 

And if the snow isn't too bad, head over to Follain on Tuesday night for a Meet the Maker event with RMS Beauty.

This past Saturday, we met up with a bunch of Boston bloggers for a spinning class at Flywheel sponsored by Marshalls, and we had an absolute blast. Did you know your first class at Flywheel is free? I will be signing up for my free class ASAP. 


How to get away with wearing sneakers to work

Emma Watson delivered yet another kickass speech on global equality for women.

How to set yourself up for a successful day.

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