Marshall's Flywheel Event Recap

Five days later and still feeling the aftermath of a new workout.  Sound familiar?  Well, this past Saturday, the three of us tried our first Flywheel class!  We noticed the incredibe energy of Flywheel seconds after entering the studio waiting area and see why gals nationwide are hooked.

Along with sharing nerves and catching up with some of our favorite Boston Bloggers (we're looking at you, Amanda and Laura!), we worked up quite the sweat at the Pru. After "clicking in," there was only looking forward and moving to the beat.  Christina led our class, and between her motivating direction and choice of music, there was no choice but to keep pedaling, which supported Flywheel's motto, to never coast.

As you saw on Instagram, we were well equipped for this class, thanks to Marshall's.  We each shopped at different Marshall's locations and found some amazing pieces! No matter where you live, Flywheel comps your first studio visit for you to test everything out!  We cooled down with a green juice and some Marshall's swag, and went about our day, again with some lasting results!

Disclosure: Marshall's provided us with gift cards to purchase activewear for this class, compliments of Flywheel, and we can't wait to return to Marshall's for our next activewear purchases!  The JUGs only support brands we truly believe in.

Meredith Tennihan1 Comment