Latest Obsession: Angela & Roi Handbags

At Just Us Gals we're all about the idea of conscious consumerismor giving preference to products and services from companies that implement programs that give back to society. We want to know where our material goods come from, and that no one is harmed or treated unfairly in the making of what we shop for. We prefer our purchases to give back in some way, instead of simply lining the pockets of some boardroom exec somewhere. One example of a company that makes beautiful, ethical products AND gives back is Angela & Roi.

Angela & Roi designs and sells gorgeous vegan leather handbags that give back to a variety of medical research organizations depending on what color bag you buy:

The founders, who met in Boston, believe that businesses can use can use their resources to make positive impact. Even more than that, these bags serve as a conversation piece. I purchased the black Moa Tote, which I LOVE, and every time I get a compliment on it, I also figure out a way to say that a portion of the purchase of that bag went to the Melanoma Research Foundation. My family has a long history of skin cancer, I needed a new bag, I loved this win win. Easy to say, these bags are #JUGsApproved.

Cameron BrunsComment