Daily Read: @pamlovesferrariboys

I follow a lot of dogs on Instagram therefore I could tell you numerous accounts to follow, but for today's Daily Read I'm here to tell you THE best dog to follow on instagram, Pam Reynolds of @pamlovesferrariboys.

Why is Pam JUGs approved?

1) She's a badass B. 

2) She's got dope style and does excellent product reviews. 

3) She's an entrepreneur.

Pam has her own advice column, her own clothing line, PAMWEAR, and recently bought her own brand new Power Wheel with recent earnings. 

She certainly has the lifestyle hookup from her parents (mom is an artist / animal lover) and her dad is a pro surfer, but Pam's been around the block and will tell you what's up. Follow her for *amazing* daily updates from a gal we love because Pam just dgaf.


Sidenote, Pam, if you want to join the JUGs bookclub we'd love to have you.