5 Things To Know When Starting Your Own Company

When starting out on a new venture we all seem to have the same questions. How did she do it? Should I follow those same steps? Will that work for me? What we've learned in numerous Who's That Gal interviews and Ladies Lounge panels is that there is no set path or perfect business recipe. We all have to set out on our own direction and do what make sense for us as individuals, and for our business. But before you let out a big "that's not helpful" sigh, we have discovered few key tips that have helped keep our #girlboss friends rising to the top.

1. Stick with your gut

There were a lot of 'no's' during the time we opened. A lot of people kept telling me it was too risky because I had no safety net but deep down we knew we could do it. We had to. I had to. It's helpful to be able to ignore that fear and have the attitude of 'were going to figure this out, because we have to figure this out.' 

Ashley Gleeson, Co-Founder of Pressed

2. Reach out to your networks

It's incredible how many people want to help you when you are starting out. Don't be afraid to put your mission out there because you never know who might be able to help you. More often than not we had friends saying 'oh I know someone who can help you do that,' and so on.

Emily Cunningham, Co-Founder of True Moringa

3. Be authentic

Authenticity is key. Customers can see right through you if you act disingenuously. We always ask ourselves, 'Is our brand a true representation of ourselves?' Anything that isn't, we nix.

Katie Doyle & Jay Hallstein, Founders of Brass Clothing

4. Ask how you can make a difference

You are always going to have competition. You need to ask yourself, 'how can I add value to what is already out there?' That is the first step to starting a business. Time and money will follow.

Rhonda Kallman, Co-Founder of Boston Harbor Distillery

5. Get ready to hustle

There is not a day where I don’t work. My phone is always on and I am constantly checking my email and checking social media stats, etc. I consider myself to be an incredibly organized and efficient person, but it is still a real challenge to focus on all the moving pieces. I really just try to prioritize each task and get the most important ones done first. Unlike a standard day job where you sometimes can just clock in and clock out, I’m very fortunate to have friends and family that are curious about what I’m doing and what I’m working on and let me share my work with them.

Rachel Murray, Co-Founder of She Geeks Out / Founder of Kind Eye

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