Be Out the Door in 15 Minutes: The Fastest Morning Routine Ever

As it gets colder and darker, getting out of bed gets harder and harder. Here are our JUGs approved tips for relishing every last minute of sleep before you dash out the door!

The Night Before

Plan + Pack Your Meals

Bulk cooking twice a week is the easiest way to have healthy lunches on-hand. Bringing your own lunch not only saves money, it also helps with portion control and clean eating. A good quinoa stir fry with fresh veggies is the perfect meal to cook and pack into lunch-sized glassware containers. In the morning, just grab and go!

Set Out an Outfit

One of the morning rituals that typically takes the longest is picking out clothes. Avoid this time-consuming activity by lying out an entire outfit the night before. Take a look at each item and if it needs a little touch up - use Dryel at-home dry cleaning because its the evening and you still have time! You will be shocked how much time you save in the AM by not thinking about clothes.

Check Your To-do List 

Do you have any appointments or afterwork activities that require you to pack anything extra? Makeup? workout clothes? Extra snacks? Pack and prepare for them now.


Showering at night is great. You get to climb into a clean bed feeling clean yourself and voila, you wake up clean too! A lot of people use showers to wake up in the morning, but shower time can also be a great, calm, warming pre-bed ritual. Plus, you can let your hair dry overnight instead of using electricity-intensive, hair-damaging heat tools. 

Good Morning

Brush, Brush, Rinse

Since you haven't done much besides sleep since your last shower, the morning hygiene ritual is pretty simple. Brush + quickly style your hair. Brush your teeth. Finally, use a warm wash cloth to rinse your face. Done. 

Keys, Wallet, Phone

Put on the outfit you picked out last night and double check that you have your must-haves, grab your lunch, grab a jacket and you are ready to go!

Grab Your To-Go Beverage

A bonus money-saving ritual is to pour some coffee or tea (my fav is Yerbe Mate) into a reusable to-go mug. And voila a totally stress-free morning in less than 15 mins!