5 Newsletters Worthy of Your Inbox

The Skimm

The Skimm keeps you up to date on all the worldy news, everything from politics, sports, an pop culture etc. They boil all the latest headlines into bite size chunks so you can actually keep up with the world. And if you're up for it, they do offer longer summaries (like cliff notes) for you to dig deeper. 

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Daily Worth

DailyWorth is every woman's guide to money, career and business. For me, it's that email that I "flag" and go back to at the end of the day for helpful tips like saving during the holidays, learning how and what investing is, and all the other financial questions I have but am afraid to ask. It's easy to read (no complicated financial jargon) and keeps it real.

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Levo League

Do you need a career mentor? Levo League can be your virtual mentor. Like DailyWorth but focused on career advancement, Levo's newsletters come stocked with helpful articles, how to's and interviews with some of the most successful ladies around. They even have a wonderful community where you can attend events and find a real-life mentor!

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As a huge fan of WhoWhatWear and MyDomaine, it is no surprise I am also a Byrdie enthusiast, their site for "savvy beauty with a fresh perspective."  Though most of the products featured are not eco-friendly, tutorials and style inspiration are spot on and can really spice up your inbox. For instance I recently learned I dig glitter looks for holiday parties and models advise against your face in the morning. 

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The Lenny Letter is new to my inbox and I will start by saying I do not love the show Girls (Lenny = Lena Dunham's website, fyi). I do, however, really enjoy this newsletter, despite my efforts not to (Dunham has a very talented staff and guest writers, ok). It covers topics such as feminism, style, health, politics, friendship, etc, so you'll probably find something you like as well. It's sort of like a smorgasbord of all the above, with a trendy pop-culture / Brooklyn twist. It's a lengthier email for sure, but I've found it to be worth the read.  

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